Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why do clients think our job is so great?

You know, it happens on every project.  You get to the client, get past the initial worry that you are after their jobs, and in several small ways prove to them you might actually add some value. As per usual practice, you start making friends – both to stave off the loneliness that working at your laptop at 2am engenders, but also so you can source data more easily.

Then it happens – the inevitable “your job sounds so good” “your job sounds so glamourous” “I wish I could travel around all the time”. If only they knew.

I am not saying I don’t like my job – I do. However, it is a job with downsides like any other – see here. Clients just don’t see the bad stuff – either because they are the cause of it, or because they are out the door long before we finish.

You know what makes it a little more annoying than usual? These clients are in the film industry. Film for crying out loud. I would love to work in film – but they think consulting is sexy. To quote a colleague - “I have never felt so money as when I am getting into a smelly taxi at 3 in the morning after a long night of work and crappy takeout food”. Much better than walking the red carpet – not.

Oh dear – that was a bit of a rant – maybe I need more sleep …

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  1. I've received similar comments from clients who I'm sure make 2x or 3x what I do as a lowly analyst. This post is right on.