Monday, July 27, 2009

One more business school motivator

So I wrote earlier about why I want to go to business school here. Having a conversation with a friend over the weekend (she claims to be a reader – you know who you are), I came up with another one, which might actually be the primary motivator.

6) Time to Reflect

I figure, in about 4 years of consulting, I must have learned something. I find myself pontificating to new consultants about how to make their job easier all the time, and I started this blog in an effort to collect my thoughts. However, I think two years away, in an academic environment will allow me to synthesise my learnings, and work out how far (or not) I have come. I know some would say you only learn to BS people in the fast talking world of strategy consulting, but I am convinced there is something else there – I just haven't had the opportunity to understand it yet.

So there you go – my sixth and potentially most important reason for subjecting myself to the horrors of the B-School app process (Still “studying” for the GMAT retake, plan to start Columbia essays this weekend).


  1. How many schools are you applying to? Oh and for some reason I couldnt find the essay questions for Columbia (maybe searching late at night doesn't help). Can you send me a link to the questions if you have one?

  2. 4 - Columbia, Wharton, Kellogg and LBS.

    I also couldn't find the Columbia essay questions - I think you have to start the online essay process.

  3. Do you think it's necessary to know your desired career path to get the most out of business school? Or can you go there to discover where you best fit?


  4. I know who I am! I'm glad if I've helped you think more about your life (you know my motto - more talking is always better than less) study for those GMATs!!!

  5. Cory - with the caveat that I don't know the best option coz I haven't been yet, word on the street is that either works. No matter what though, everyone tells me that B-School opens you up to a whole new universe of options.

  6. ANALyst - I found this link which suggests Columbia's questions haven't changed this year.