Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Beach

No, not the bad Leo movie but that activity in a consultant’s calendar where you get to kick back and smell the roses for a change. For those of you who don’t know, the beach is when you aren’t staffed on a project, and get assigned random tasks –  such as helping with recruiting, pitching for new work or developing intellectual capital. For a new grad, this can be amongst the most confusing things – I remember back when I was a fresh faced grad, I joined and went straight to the beach – it really got me questioning why they had bothered hiring me.

Having been staffed on projects continuously for over a year however, it has been nice to be on the beach for a little while. Get in at 9, leave at 5:30 – I almost feel like I have a normal job. The downside is, its boring – intellectual challenges certainly don’t feature.

I am currently whipping up a little presentation for a giveaway CD we are providing to some “select” recruits from one of the universities around here. I get to put video in a PowerPoint – something which has regrettably got me all excited. This is probably the point where I should realise its all gone horribly wrong – when did I become the person who gets excited about PowerPoint?

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